Where Do I Get Fashion Inspired

fashion inspired


In the picture above are my top three fashion queens that I follow daily. An remarkable sense for fashion, positivity and hard work are their unique skills. And this is where I get fashion inspired and motivated. When you think you had a hard work day, you start looking at their Instagram stories or Youtube videos and you realise that practically you didn’t do much.

Victoria Magrath

I remember one year, I was already in my bed watching Youtube (classical me:), when Victoria uploaded a video. In her video were late hours also and she was talking that she was away the whole day and she just came home. She didn’t want to leave us the next day without video, so she took the camera at nine o’clock in the evening and film and edited the whole video for the next day. I mean, is that dedication or is it?! My fashion queen number one. You can find her fashion tips on In the Frow. Here is her Youtube channel.

Jade Holland Cooper


jade holland cooper

I’m sure that you have all heard about this “boss lady” from England. She is a founder of Holland Cooper clothing. And let me just say that clothing looks divine. She started her bussines around ten years ago with an idea of fabulous English country side clothes. This year she lauched fitness and ski clothing line. But not just this guys, she also had a baby eight weeks ago. How many girls do you know, that would go to work so soon after giving birth? Personally, I don’t know any!.. Stunning and amazing woman if you ask me. You can find her on Instagram by name jadehollandcooper. She is my fashion queen number 2.











Josie from Fashion Mumblr

What a great fashion style she has. If I need to describe it in two words, they would be: Elegant Neutrals. I would wear everything that she does. I love the dresses and the selection of coats the she wears. Furthermore, as I am fan of interior design, I love to watch her vlogs about this georgous listed house that they have bought last year. House is spectacular, you can only dream of their house! She is my fashion queen number 3. Find her on her blog Fashion Mumblr or Youtube Channel. 






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