What To Do When You Move In?! – Apartment Renovation

In the previous post I shared with you, what you need to do and know when you are buying an apartment. In continuation, today I will share with you what you need to do when you get the keys of your new apartment. Ten days ago we got our keys. With that, the process of renovation and managing of utility connections begins. All the process from start to the end is time and energy consuming, so be prepared to be tired all the time. But the result and motivation to get it all done and move in is bigger. With every task achieved you feel closer and closer to the end. I can’t wait to have my own kitchen for the first time. As I like to cook and bake, this part of apartment is my biggest wish and task to do. All the things after that are small tasks. But lets return to the beginning.



apartment renovation

After you get the keys:

So, the first things you’ll need to do after you get the keys are the following:

-transfer the ownership on all your utility connections in the legal registers

-make sure your water supply and sewerage utility is running on your name

-the same with electricity, you need to transfer ownership and make sure that electricity is on

-also, the building in which your apartment is situated in, has a manager that you need to inform of the new owners.

-for waste disposal is different in every country, but you need to manage the papers about that also

More papers:

Moreover, you will have to do some more papers like:

-you’ll have to change your ID card

-you’ll have to change your driving licence to a new address

-change your personal data everywhere, on the bank, in your job, your TV, internet and mobile provider

-and on every other payments slips that you are receiving every month


Starting renovation:

You can now start renovating if your apartment needs renovation:

-make sure the plumbing and electricity is OK

-check the floors, walls, bathroom

-every apartment is specific: so in our case we have also a chimney connection, so we need to get chimney checked

-be careful at hiring workers

One tip that I can give you is the following. If your new apartment is really small – studio like, you need to make all the renovation at once. Because you can’t move in, sleep and work on tiles in the same room. Once you’ll move in is so much harder to move all the furniture. The floors are the first thing that you need to check and then the bathroom. This two things take a lot of time, money and energy and are essential. In our case, we decided to wait with bathroom renovation for a few years more, since it’s not so terrible. So we were left just with kitchen renovation, which is going on right now. After that is done, we have a worker coming in to re-done the wooden floor.

Stay tuned for a blog post – part two of our apartment renovation. With more tips and informations.


See you soon, Ester



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