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What To Have For Dinner? – Few Plant Based Options

I don’t know why but for some people making dinner is a struggle. If you are a mom making dinner for the whole family can be a challenge. Remember that everyone’s life is different, we have different jobs, different families, different kitchens, different lifestyles, so there is no ultimate recipe that everybody could be happy with. 

What To Have For Dinner?

For me the quickest choice for dinner is a mixed salad. It is so easy to make, it’s light to digest and really flavourful. I am lucky not being picky about vegetables, so I slice vegetables that are currently in my fridge. Sometimes I eat just green salad and chickpeas. Other times I slice a tomato, avocado, and mix with canned Mediterranean salad. Also, I love to mix arugula and tofu, so tasty. 

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Another way that I like to have my veggies is grilling them. Grilled potatoes, tomatoes, paprika, tofu, zucchinis, mushrooms. Quick and really easy to make dinner for a bunch of people. Slice the veggies, add olive oil and spices of your choice, put in the oven for 20 minutes. As easy as that. When I don’t have time to cook in the evenings, I use canned veggies, such as artichokes, black olives, corn, black beans, chickpeas. Roasted potatoes and fresh tomatoes are so tasty!

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It is not every day the day that I make and cook dinner. Half of the time my boyfriend cooks for us. He is really fond of experimenting with plant based cooking. Often he makes something that he ate when he was full in “meat eater” in a vegan version, like tofu hamburgers. Delicious if I may say so.  Vegan meat balls, vegan musaka, vegan pizza, different vegan pancakes. I am so lucky! 🙂

Few Plant Based Options:


There are another two ways for very busy people, who really don’t have time to prepare really healthy dinner. First tip is to cook and prepare more food while you’re cooking lunch. That way you’ll have leftovers for dinner already prepared just to heat up in microwave. Second way is to prepare food in advance. Pick a day in a week and do some food prep. Wash all the fruit and veggies. Slice them and store them in a container in fridge. Cook a whole pack of chickpeas, cook some potatoes, cook some rice, cook some quinoa and store in a fridge, also in containers. When I was working a regular job I always had lunch with me. And when I was coming home in the evenings back from work, it was awesome just to put already made veggies on my plate and eat them. Now, when I work from home almost most of the time, I cook once a day. In the mornings I’ll have smoothie, them cooked lunch and for dinner I will usually have a leftovers with some green salad. 

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We are all about simplicity, the food recipes that are easy and quick to make. Preparing food and cook together is one of the great things that make us happy and healthy. Both of our moms had cancer, so we know from the first hand how much is health important! It is everything! Every day, I think about how grateful I am for the healthy life options that I can make! Grateful for my health!

My Thoughts:

Previous day I was reading a personal growth book, and the writer was saying something like this: ” When we are healthy, we wish for a lot of things, such as new car, new clothes. But when we are really sick, the only thing that we wish for is to be healthy again! How odd is this? Deep thought to think about, and rearrange some priorities!”  I couldn’t agree more! For the New Year’s holiday I was really sick for two weeks, the only thing I was thinking was, what medicine to take and what food to eat to be healthy again! The point of this chat is, to put your health on the first place. Your health must be your first priority! Even if you have children! If you would be sick, you couldn’t help them, because you couldn’t help yourself! I know this from the first hand as I experienced it!

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xo, Ester




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