What Can You Do Today To Feel Better In The Future – Motivation 2020

1. Workout

It doesn’t matter how, just do it. I really like to hike, run and do some exercises with my body weight at home.  Working out is the activity that you get the most out of. It’s good for you now and you will feel better in the future. What you do today defines your tomorrow. While exercising, body is releasing some chemicals that affect brain activity in a good way. That means that you will feel good for a couple of hours after your workout. If you schedule your workout everyday, there will be a constant flow of good chemicals in your brain. Another thing really fantastic about exercising is that, when you’ll be older you’ll have less risk for having diseases, because you have had watched over your health for your whole life.

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2. Reading Personal Growth And Personal Finances Books

I am well aware that some of you hate or don’t like to read this kind of books. And that’s okey, but I really wanna say to you, that the people who read more know more. There is a bigger chance for happy and successful life in the future, if you read more. Also, there are techinques described in this kind of books, how to improve your life on a daily basis. Give yourself a goal that you want to achieve with montly reading. Add one personal growth book to the list. Next month add a financial book to your reading list. One book a month shouldn’t do any difference.

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3. Define, Fix And Organize Your Relationships

Today not the future is the time to think about all of our relationships. As the half of Europe is staying home and we have all the time in the world let’s think about the people that are surrounding us. What are your feelings, what do you want, which company do you prefer and are you honestly enjoying the company of all of your friends. Think and be truly honest with yourself. Take a phone in your hands and call everyone that you think you need to improve relationship with. Do not spend any more time with the “friends”, that are only your drinking buddies when you’ll pay the round for everyone and when you need them, they’ll never answer the phone call. Now is time to define your feelings. What you can do today, will pay off with peaceful mind in the future.

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4. Work On Yourself, Feel Better In Your Skin

Moreover, one another important thing is work on your self-love. Self-love is defining feeling  of your life. How do you feel about yourself today will define your thoughts in the future. So start working on your thoughts. If they are negative, you must transform them into positive feelings. One way you can do that, is to start practicing positive affirmations. For me, the best practice I do, is to look everyday in the mirror and observe the thoughts that are running through my head. Working on ourselfs is the hardest thing, to change and become better humans. But it’s worth it. In the future you’ll feel better. Notice that, I’m not talking about egoism or patronizing others. That are negative behaviors and they won’t bring you any good in the long term. 

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5. Learn To Pre-Prepare Vegetables And Fruits

One thing that keeps my mind happy, is to have healthy meal options in the refrigerator at any time. So, I wash all the fruits and put them on a nicer fruit plate, or store them in refrigerator. The same goes with raw vegetables, I wash and cut, and then store them in plastic containers in the refrigerator. Moreover, I also prepare legumes for the week ahead. Cooking a big batch of chickpeas, beans, lentils saves me a lot of time during the work week. I come from work relaxed, because I know there are some options in the refrigerator for a quick healthy meal. 

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