How to Wake up Early? – My Morning Routine

How to wake up early and what my morning routine looks like?..


Wake up Early?

Here are 5 reasons why get up earlier:


The first is of course that you can get so much more things done by the end of the day. By waking up earlier there is certainty that you will do so much more things that particular day. If you have more time in the morning than you can also eat your breakfast more slowly and relaxed.


Next reason is “a time for yourself in the morning”. And by that I mean time to do things that give your nice emotions and empower you. Like twenty minutes of yoga, reading your favourite newspaper, magazine or book. Also to do your daily positive affirmations and make a list of things to do that day. Things that are a part of planning your dream life.


Third one is waking up more rested. Yes, that is unusual, but it works for me. If I wake up earlier before everyone else. I have time to slowly open my eyes, my mind, my day. If I do it alone and slow I feel more rested that if I wake up in a hurry and everyone around me wants something.


It is something about the silence in the early mornings and a sunrise. Specially in the summer, the mornings are everything!


Lastly is a weird one.:) Why to get up earlier. Because in the morning there is less traffic on the road and a lot more parking places:). This is an advantage:)..

Here are 5 ways how to get up early:


Set your alarm clock or you will fell asleep again. It works for me. I set up alarm on my cell phone. That really helps to be consistent and have a work routine.


 Always do “a ten minute preparation” the night before. That means: prepare your outfit for the next day, clean the floors of your bedroom, put the garbage to the trash, put the dirty laundry in the basket. That way, you can get up more relaxed. The outfit will be waiting you and there will be nothing on the floor to trip over.


Make your breakfast the night before. Overnight oats with apple or banana are the best. But also a bread and some vegan spread are so tasty. Maybe make a fruit bowl and put it in the fridge overnight.


The bathroom rule. Take time to clean and declutter your bathroom regularly. It must be one of the happy places in your home. There is nothing more “mood killing” than that you wake up with resistance to go to the dirty bathroom. And worse, if the bathroom is really dirty and there are beauty products everywhere and you don’t find your favourite face cream. That is so time and will consuming. It ruins the charm of early mornings.


The final tip is: don’t drink alcohol or eat late in the evenings if you have to go to work the next morning. It is so hard to wake up early if you had a big greasy meal the evening before. Fats are so overwhelming for our digestion, so don’t eat greasy foods in the evening. Better to eat them at lunch if necessary. Also the problem with alcohol is that really dehydrates the body. You won’t sleep well and also in the morning there is possibility to feel a little bit nausea.

My Morning Routine 🙂

 How does my morning routine looks like it really depends on what I am doing. In general, there are three steps. Wake up, eat breakfast and get ready, go to work.

Few months ago when I had a regular job I had three shifts to manage. This means from 5am-12am, from 7am-3pm and 12am to 7.30pm. A nightmare, every week different alarm clock, different routines. But humans we can manage almost everything. So the morning routines as you can see were very different.

But now when I am spending time at home and planning my business, I have more regular routine. In the morning I usually wake up around seven. I always go first in my bathroom and get ready. I clean my face with water, change my clothes from pyjama to daily outfit. Currently I am using BioVegane face cream.

 Quickly brush my hair and I am ready. Then I go on my Instagram 🙂 (like everybody else 😀 )

In the kitchen I drink a cup of water and I make myself a cup of green or black tee. For breakfast I have several different options. From oats to smoothies.

Lastly it’s work time. 🙂

Comment what do you do for living and where do you live? 🙂

Looking forward to spring

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