Waiting For Spring Enduring Bad Days and Celebrating Amazing Days

We stepped into the second month of the year and I am feeling a little bit more relaxed and light spirited. As I was writing in my previous posts, last year I lost a job due to pandemic. And I was at home for whole winter. Since I like to work I scheduled my weeks to posting a lot of recipes and vlogs to my Youtube Channel. And somehow fixed my crashed website with some help. And in the end of January I got a job at a really big and successful business. So, this spring I have again something new to look forward to.

waiting for spring

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But not every day was good. There were two weeks in January that I was really upset and sad about everything. Firstly I had a big fight with my boyfriend, then I received the news that our family dog it’s really old and ill. Meanwhile our government is doing crazy things because of pandemic situation. All of this rules and laws are driving me nuts. We are not allowed to do almost nothing here in Slovenia. And as you now, this is going on for a year already.

I’m waiting for spring enduring bad days and celebrating amazing days.

waiting for spring

That exciting feeling of something new is everything I need after monotonous months. To be excited to go out of apartment, to start learn something new at my new job, meanwhile waiting for longer spring summer days and warm mornings. And here is the thing that I wanted to share with you! Find something small, something new to be excited for. Maybe this is the thing, which you had for granted, like freedom of traveling, freedom of steeping out of house. Maybe you hate changes, but changes can be also thrilling. Be excited for them. We need to change our mindset, because the world has changed. All of us, we need to adapt to new style of living and find new possibilities!

waiting for spring

Stay safe!!

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