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Vegan Food Supplements That I Use – Plant Based Lifestyle

Vegan Food Supplements That I Use – Plant Based Lifestyle

We’re living in a crazy world. Everything and everyone is in constant moving. The stress levels are for everyone high above normal. We all need some sort of good nutritional supplements for our body to function better and keep up with all the stress. Before I became mostly plant based seven years ago, I would go and buy any supplements that I could find in farmacy. But as the years have passed, I started to look for a much more “clean” products. Products, wtih less additives, with less oils, sugar and processed foods. A few years ago I found two brands that have vegan and clean food supplements. The first brand is called Terra Nova. It is organic brand which is also vegan. It’s a British brand, but here in Slovenia, it’s really hard to find this supplements. We have one store that has this supplements, but there isn’t much choice. The last time I was there, they had just four different supplements and two of them were for children.

Viridian Nutrition

So, I needed to explore more and I found brand Viridian Nutrition. There is a local store with organic products that sells a lot of Viridian products. Moreover, they have products for everything, for cleansing liver, for healthy skin, vitamins, minerals and many more. In conclusion, I can find a supplement for everything. Currently, I have a mix of different brands. From Viridian Nutrition I’m using B12, Multivitamins and minerals, Ginko biloba. From a local Slovenian brand Malinca, I’m having organic spirulina tablets and matcha mix powder. I’m used to mix my supplements from time to time and I’m trying to be as much diverse as I can be. One month I’ll use skin supplements, and next month for liver and kidney cleansing. This winter I had a very low immune system, so I needed something to boost my immune system. For the summer, I’m planning to look much more after my skin.



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