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Time Management

One of the tips that I can give you about healthy lifestyle is absolutely an organized time management. If you ask any successful or healthy person, about time management, they will tell you, how important it is. They have scheduled all the activities for two weeks in advance. At every minute they know exactly what they are supposed to do. So, I think this is one of the things that we all need to address. How we control or not control our time. At this step it is also important, that you have already set your priorities. This means, that things that are more important to you at this stage of your life, will get bigger time window through the day. Second things you need to think about is, in which parts of the day you are the most productive. Is it in the evenings or in the mornings or in between?. For example, if you are more productive in the mornings, schedule the hardest tasks in that time, because you will be more concentrated and the tasks are more likely to be done. Another tip that I acquired while reading books is to schedule three “big tasks” every day in that “productive time”. With “big tasks” I mean that taks that you maybe hate to do or consume much more time then other tasks. In conclusion, not being organized will not lead you to a happy and healthy lifestyle!

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healthy living ester slokar

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Personal Growth

healthy living ester slokar

Personal growth means so much to me. I remember when I started to read more personal growth books in the past, I was surprised how much I could learn from them. I still find somethings useful for my ever day life. For example, when I was younger I thought that I knew exactly what is right or wrong. But after reading some books, how our mind works, I figured out that I was thinking wrong. We think that we know what is right, but this is just our perception made on our beliefs, that we acquired. For someone’s right thing to do, is for somebody else the wrong thing to do. Because of that, there are so many conflicts between people. So I learned, not to be so stubborn and to listen to other people arguments. One another thing that I learned is, that our beliefs can be changed. The technique to do this change is by doing everyday positive affirmations. For example, if you are struggling with negative belief “I’m not worth it!”, you can transform this thought into a positive affirmation “I am so worth it!”. Transform ten of your negative beliefs into ten positive affirmations. And read them every day for ninety days. You’ll start to feel the change. 

healthy living ester slokar

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For a healthy lifestyle you need a healthy diet with drinking a lot of water and workout regularly, we all already know that. But how to implement this to our crazy everyday. The first thing I do, is to schedule in advance, the meal plans and workouts. When I plan my week ahead, I schedule in fruit and veggie shopping, and two workouts per week. Also, we cook just once a day mainly. And we cook a bit more, that we have one meal more already prepared. When we buy fruit and veggies, we immediately wash them all and prepare and store them in containers in refrigerator. About drinking water. For some of you is really difficult to drink a lot of water, so maybe this two tricks will help you. Try with unsweetened tea, or squeeze an orange and dilute with lots of water. One option that I find very useful, is to have a bottle of water by the bad at night. When I wake up in the middle of night I often take a sip of water. And also, when I wake up the bottle is there and the first thing I do, I drink water in the bed.

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Daily Eating Habits


A healthy diet is also all about food diversity. Eating everyday just meat or eating everyday just avocado is the same, and not so much healthy. Plan different food options in advance and make a shopping list. Without shopping list you’ll buy the same food over and over again. Try new foods, and new recipes, keep it diverse. For example: for breakfast fruit smoothie, for lunch meat options, for dinner mixed salads. You’re shopping list will look something like this: seven different fruits, seven different salads or veggies, and seven different types of meat, if you eat it. For optimum health goals, I would recommend you, to make a transition to only plant based diet.

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In addition, to a healthy diet let me give you some motivation about working out. For me, the hardest time to workout is the winter time, because is so cold outside and I am not a fan of cold weather. In the summer there is no problem, I love running, I love hiking in the mountains, and I love to cycle a bit. So, for my problem during the winter I bought a yoga mat. On Youtube I find videos “Workout at home with no equipment”, they are free. So, I do this workout twice a week before bedtime.

healthy living ester slokar


healthy living ester slokar

For me a healthy lifestyle is also spending a lot of time in nature, hiking mountains, working on our veggie garden. A healthy lifestyle includes also a caring relations to each other. Not doing the things, that you don’t want others would be doing to you. And caring after our nature with being as much sustainable as we could be. 

healthy living ester slokar

Pictures were taken by Huawei P30 on a Slovenian Mountain Slavnik 1028m.

Here you can find my favourite healthy lifestyle guru.

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