Travel Blog Post: One Day in Beautiful Bohinj

For the first of May me and my friend went on a one day trip with a train. We got on a train in the morning at the train station Nova Gorica. In one hour we came to city called Bohinjska Bistrica. Today I am sharing with you my travel blog post.

In Bohinjska Bistrica there is an ECO Hotel which offers aquapark and wellness.

 Moreover we took a bus to get to the alpine lake called Bohinj. The lake is very famous for its beautiful views all around the lake. And also very known because of multiple sports you can do around it. There are numerous hiking trails, cycling trails, zipline, swimming, running trails, canoeing, skiing in winter. There are some nice accommodations beside the lake, like Camp Bohinj and Hotel Jezero. At winter there is a skiing center Vogel just above the lake. At summer there is a bike park and a zipline.
As we didn’t have a lot of time, we went to see a lake by tourist boat named also Bohinj. A boat has an electric engine to be sustainable and it was manufactured in Germany. This was one of the requirements of Triglav National Park to protect the nature. If you are about to travel around Slovenia, you must definitely visit Bohinj. I can’t recommend it enough.

Hence, traveling is my passion so I want to do more posts about me exploring nature and places:)

All the pictures are taken with my phone Huawei P9.

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