My Top Six Influencers That Inspire Me Every Day

The girls that inspire me:

Today I will introduce to you my top influencers. These are the girls that I follow on a regular basis and inspire me to keep on dreaming and working hard. All together they cover all the topics. From fashion, organic beauty, plant based diet and traveling. I get inspired reading their blog posts or watching their YouTube videos. I get tips and ways how to improve myself as a content creator. If you are in a search for inspiration maybe you will get inspired by them.:)

The first one is a lovely lady that is younger then me but has already accomplished so many wonderful things. She has her own business and represents the sustainability and vegan movement. Zanna Van Dijk gives me an every day motivation to use as minimal plastic as I can and to as much sustainable as I can. I love her idea of a sustainable swimwear and I would love to go on of her retreats.

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Second one is a fashion icon for me. I love her fashion style and most of all her determination. There are so few people that are so determined as she is and work so hard. Also the consistency of her content is amazing. She is constantly improving. I would love to have IntheFrow for my mentor. This would be epic.

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Girl that I follow for the longest time is Niomi Smart. I love her book of vegan recipes Eat Smart and her work with charities. She is also a co-founder of Sourced Box.

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A few more:

This blog is the one that I find the last. I found it few months ago and I started following their YouTube channel. They are genuinely nice. One Big Happy Life is a couple of two lawyers that are doing an amazing job on YouTube. What I love the most about them, is that they are doing videos about real things in life, how to grow personally, how to grow personal finances, how to raise kids. I get so many tips from them.

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YouTube channel that I also follow quite a long time is Annie Jaffrey. Her positivity is contagious. I watch her because I get so many tips how eat healthy, how to work out and how to work on personal development. Her fashion style inspires me to work out more.

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The last one is a lady that cooks a lot of delicious healthy dishes, Jess Beautician.

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It is nice to have you around..;)

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