Top Five Youtube Channels From 2018 – Bloganuary 5

Every year I name few of my favourite YouTube Channels from the last year. I like to watch different channels because they all have different topics. From personal growth to vegan recipes.

And these are the Top Five YouTube Channels From 2018.

Niomi Smart

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One Big Happy Life

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Annie Jaffrey

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Zanna Van Dijk

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Jess Beautician

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All of them are so different. Niomi works a lot on healthy lifestyle and also on sustainability. One Big Happy has a lot of personal growth videos that I like. Annie has a lot of videos on traveling and healthy habits for body and mind. Zanna knows everything about fitness, plant based diet and ways to save the planet. And lastly Jess has so much fun vegan recipes to try out. Ways how to cook and prepare different vegetables.

These are the things I enjoy watching the most. Healthy lifestyle, traveling, plant based recipes/diet, sustainability and how to be more environmental friendly saving our planet as much as we can as individuals.

 See you in my next one;)

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