Before 30 – Some Tips How To Make A Change In Your Life

Tips and recommendation for a personal growth.

when I am 30

This year I will be 30 🙂 It is scary how time flies! Sometimes it feels like I didn’t even start to live, but at the end of the day I am already 30. There are just four months until my birthday and that is not enough time to do some of the things which are on my TO DO’s list before 30. But I am not panicking. I set a new date for all the things. For the last two years I was studying beside working and honestly I am exhausted. So for this year and the next one I have new plans. No studying but doing the things I like. Writing my blog, working hard on developing my Instagram account and spending time as much as I can in nature. Mountains, rivers, lakes, sea. In the last four months a lot has changed. I am changing my job to have all my weekends of. We are soon moving. Also I mixed up all my priorities. I am changing the way of my life or at least trying. I will work hard to create better content for my website and social media. And one of our relationship goal is to save up as much money as we could, to buy us our first home. So, this is my plan for crossing the “30-ies”.

But what is your plan?? Do you have a list what to do before 30??

About the list, here are some of my tips what to concentrate on before the age of 30:
  1. BE SURE WHAT YOU WANT TO DO IN YOUR LIFE: If you are not figured this out, now is the perfect time to do it. One of things that I found out in the last ten years is that life is not worth living unless you do the things that you love. If you don’t love your job, do everything that you can to change it.
  2. MINDFULLY CHOOOSE YOUR FRIENDS: The point is not in the number how many friends you have but in the quality of relationships. Respectfully get rid of any negative or non-productive relationship that you have. You need only the persons who respects you and are growing personally in the same way as you do.
  3. NO MATTER ON WHAT STEP YOU ARE, ALWAYS TRY TO GROW MORE AS A PERSON: No materialistic thing will make you happy, that feeling of a constant progress in your life will.

All the pictures are taken with Huawei P 9.

You can find my previous post here!;)

Thanks for reading!;)

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