50 Ideas What You Can Do At Home In Self-isolation – Motivation 2020

Hello everyone! So as you may know Europe is struggling with corona virus outbreak and staying home is the best thing that we all can do. I hope you all know that and you are in a save environment. I am staying home for a third week now, so I needed to organize myself somehow. While brainstorming what else can I do, during my self-isolation, I came across an idea, why not to share my ideas with you all. So here are the fifty things that you can do while waiting at home in self-isolation.

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50 Ideas What To Do in Self-isolation:

  1. Declutter and clean your wardrobe.
  2.  Declutter and clean your beauty products.
  3.  Declutter and clean your bathroom.
  4.  Declutter and clean your bedroom.
  5. Declutter and clean your kitchen.
  6.  Declutter and clean your attic.
  7.  Declutter and clean your garage.
  8.  Declutter and clean your living room.
  9.  Declutter and clean your kids room.
  10.  Declutter and clean your yard.
  11.  Film videos about yourself or your family.
  12.  Take photos and organize them.
  13.  Organize your folders in computer.
  14.  Organize your office.
  15.  Start writing poetry or novels.
  16.  Start singing.
  17.  Start dancing.
  18.  Start yoga.
  19.  Workout at home.
  20.  Learn to draw.
  21.  Learn to crochet.
  22.  Learn to knit.
  23.  Learn how to make embroidery.
  24.  Learn how to sew.
  25.  Learn how to make earrings.
  26.  Learn how to make bracelets.
  27.  Learn how to make rings.
  28.  Learn to cook.
  29.  Learn to bake.
  30.  Try new foods and new recipes.
  31.  Try new suppliers, food deliveries.
  32.  Support small local businesses.
  33.  Start YouTube.
  34.  Start Instagram.
  35.  Start Tik Tok.
  36.  Start Twitter.
  37.  Start Facebook.
  38.  Start writing a blog.
  39.  Have a romantic date at home.
  40.  Spend time with your family.
  41.  Read all the books that you have at home.
  42.  Read all the magazines that you have at home.
  43.  Watch your favourite series.
  44.  Brainstorm your ideas what you want in the future.
  45.  Talk with your friends for hours by phone call.
  46.  Clean your jewelry and makeup brushes.
  47.  Made a home made body scrubs and masks.
  48.  Play your favourite computer game.
  49.  Make a plan and strategy for your future.
  50.  Keep doing positive affirmations and make a list of ten things that you are grateful for EVERYDAY.


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