10 things you didn’t know about me:) – Bloganuary 7

Things that make me, me:)

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About me:)

1. I have brown eyes:)

2. My favourite sports to do are: hiking mountains, running and cycling.

3. I have had mostly plant based diet for six years now.

4. Currently I live in Goriška Region in country Slovenia.

5. I finished my bachelor degree as Engineer of food and nutrition at University of Ljubljana.

6. I love to read a lot of personal growth and nutrition books.

7. I love to write on my blog. That is how I express myself.

8. I have very big dreams and I work hard to get there.

9. The best evenings are when I spend time with my boyfriend David.

10. Top vegan foods: bananas, vegan cheese, salad, tomatoes, potatoes, soya crumble, pasta.

See you in my next one;)

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