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The First Time Trying Food Colors – Green Cake Recipe

Green Cake Recipe

-1 spoon baking powder

-1 spoon baking soda

-1 cup sugar

-2 cups flour

-5 spoons oil

-1 spoon vinegar

-blueberry aroma

-blue food color

-5 spoons vegan egg replacements

-1/2 cup vegetable milk


Firstly mix the dry ingridients. Then mix the vinegar with the milk. Add oil and aroma . Mix the dry and wet ingridients together and add food color. Bake for 20  minutes on 170°C. When is baked leave biscuit to cool down. Then cut the biscuit in half and spread the whipping cream mixed with aroma. Put the other half of the biscuit on top and spread cream on top. Garnish with chocolate crumbs on top. Watch the video for two recipes.


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