Summer Vacation 2019 – Island Krk, Croatia

Our Summer Vacation

Here are the pictures from our summer vacation.
Njivice Resort 2019
Njivice Pier.

What to do on Island Krk:

So there is a few things you can do, besides swimming and sunbathing all day:)..Njivice Resort is one of a few touristic resorts on island Krk. The main city of this island is also called Krk. So, you have Krk, Baška, Punat, Šilo, Omišalj, Malinska, Njivice and a few little ones. We chose Njivice because it has a lot to offer.

Already in a resort itself, you have a lot of different water sports activities. There are a lot of different beach bars to eat, entertain and drink alongside many various beaches. Also there are a lot of different styles of accommodations. Apartments. Camp site. Hotels.

Hotel Beli Kamik
Our view from the room. Hotel Beli Kamik.
We were really happy with our choice to stay in this hotel. Everything was great on our summer vacation.
Main city Krk.
Terrarium Krk.
Aquarium Krk.

Further more:

There is a Marina Punat where you can find everything about boats, yachts for an adrenaline summer vacation.

On the northern side of an island there is a little cave Biserujka. The legend tells that in that cave a bear was living.

Summer Vacation was great.

The places we didn’t visit:

Zipline Edison

Malinska Bay



Other offer


In conclusion we had the best summer vacations in a long time, just me and my boyfriend:)

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