How To Stay Positive While Surrounded With Negativity?!

Stay Positive

I wanted to talk to you about positivity for so long. And that’s because I was thinking about it a lot lately!! As I wrote in my previous posts I lost my job due to pandemic last year and my dreams of owning a business were somewhat crushed. So I was at home for the past few months and making a lot of You Tube videos and blog posts. During this time I was listening to some friends and reading local news and I found out that in general our region is very negative oriented. Partially it’s because our government decisions about pandemic regulations, partially because current economic state of things and partially because people are not educated about personal growth. Almost every time I go to the city I get involved in some kind of negativity, or people or situation. So it became overwhelming and I decided, that’s enough of negativity! I made a conscious decision that I’ll be turning every negative though into a positive one as long as I have some kind of power inside me. Here are some tips that helped me to stay positive, maybe I can help some of you.

stay positive

1. Focus

My ultimate tip for you is to stay focused! Focused on your vision board or on your life goals. That deep desire that gives you the meaning of life. For me is an instant positive thought that lifts my spirit up! Whenever I feel low I close my eyes and imagine how it would be, if I had already achieved my goals and that gives me motivation immediately.

2. Surround yourself with positive people

The fact that all the life coaches and personal growth books talk about. What are you surrounded with that you’ll become. So please, if you didn’t already, leave the people who don’t support you in your life goals, who don’t love you, the people who are draining your energy levels every single day and make you feel bad! Surround yourself with people that empower you, that love you, that are helping you to achieve the goal to stay positive.

stay positive


3. Organize Daily Tasks

In this paragraph I will leave you a link to one of my previous posts where I talked How to be more organized?!. There you’ll find everything about organization.

4. Teach Yourself About Personal Growth

If I think about my life journey and my mindset through the different life stages I’m almost a little bit disappointed. Half on myself and half on the ones that raised me. No one told me that you can almost change who you are by changing mindset. And I’m a bit angry that I found the brilliant techniques to improve my spirit, my mindset, my thoughts so late! So, when I realized and found out that I can do that, I became obsessed with reading all the personal growth book that I can found in our local library. And that brings me to the next tip…

5. Read Personal Growth Books

Reading personal growth books helped me a lot. I finally discovered how to regulate my thoughts, how to keep in touch with my inner self and how to have a normal contact with other people. Don’t understand me wrong, I still have a lot to take in, a lot to learn and a lot of changes to make. Nobody’s perfect!! But I still wanted to share with you, what helped me. On this link you’ll found some fun books to read, that can help you.

stay positive

BAG from brand ONLY.

6. Take consistent care of your health and body

Even if this tip is well known and probably well used, I wanted to share it with you. Because sometimes we’re so focused on our mind that we forget on our body. Let me just say, that our mind and body are definitely connected! That means, if you don’t take care of your body health, it will affect your mind health and personal growth progress. Taking care of your body means, that you eat healthy whole foods, that you do an exercises 3 times a week for one hour and that you are using natural skincare on your skin.

My last words in this post to you would be, if you start using all of the tips above daily you are on a very good path to the positive spirit. For me the motivation for the year 2021 would be to teach myself to force my mind to be positive! Until next time, STAY POSITIVE and STAY SAFE!!

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