How To Stay Motivated While Working From Home – Motivation 2020

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How To Stay Motivated:

There are few things and thoughts that I work on to stay motivated. Especially now, when I am working from home most of the time. I go to work to office a few hours a week. The first thing I do, is to organize my week. On Sundays I set my tasks for the week ahead. If I have multiple tasks that need much more attention then others, I distribute them to have one to two “hard” tasks per day. I am the most productive in the morning and before lunch, so I do the most of my work then. This structured schedule keeps me motivated. For planning my schedule I use this planner. If I know in advance what I need to do, it’s easier to stay focused and on track with work.

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When bad days come, I will take the whole day off. For the whole day I will feel sorry for myself, I’ll cry if necessary. As I love to watch movies, I will relax with a new movie or a thrusted old one. In that day I’ll do everything but work. I’ll take the time off, so that the next day, I wake up early and fresh.

Third habit is that I watch myself to never fall into negative thoughts pattern. That’s why, when I have a bad day I’ll leave work aside. That day I’ll be debating with my negative thoughts. Because the next day, is a whole new day. And it’s my responsibility to start a new day with positive thoughts! So, I always try to do just that! Ok, today is not the best day, but tomorrow is a new beginning. I get up the next morning and start working. Every day is a new beginning, every day I can do some more work for achieving my goals. 

How am I dealing with negative thoughts:

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Reading was always one of the favourite things to do. For this year I made a “New Year Resolution” to read at least five books per month. Until now, it’s going great! 🙂 Personal growth books are one thing that keeps me away from negative thoughts. Because I get so much knowledge out of them. Books give me tips and advices how to grow in life in every aspect: personal, business and financial.  

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Visualizing is also a technique that I use. In my mind I picture the perfect scene of an achieved goal and the feeling, how would it feel. This image in my mind keeps me motivated to work even then when there are no results. More the work that I put in, more better my future is. And this is a positive thought.

Similarly I work on positive affirmations. As I grow up in negative environment this is one technique that I struggle with. It is so hard for me to talk to myself kindly, with respect and that I am worthy of happiness and success. But I do it anyway, the best that I can and consistent. Positive affirmations are sentences with a meaning for you. With positive message to yourself and universe. For example: instead of telling yourself “I can’t do this, it’s to complicated!”, you must transform the sentence into “I can do this, if it is complicated, I’ll find out the solution!” 

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More Tips:

Likewise I do wake up every morning at 7.30. I like to work in the mornings, so this consistency keeps me motivated, when I have some big tasks to be done. For the upcoming spring and summer I’ll try to get up one hour earlier.

In the contrast to a salary of a regular job, work from home is different. If you work more, you’ll be payed more, if you don’t work day or two it shows up quickly. Hence, I get motivated by this fact, since I need to pay my expenses, rent, food, other costs every month.


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