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This year make a difference and shop locally. Lets help local artists, entrepreneurs and unique shops. Together we are stronger. Therefore if we support local business we support each other. So try shopping locally this Christmas.

Shopping Locally This Christmas

As I live in Slovenia, I will introduce to you some Slovenian brands that are close to my region. Therefore, check their websites if they ship international, if you see something really interesting;).

Firstly, as I mentioned in my previous post, a candle making brand. Their candles are so beautiful and what is really exciting – they are vegan. I am not a 100 % vegan, but I really like to support vegan community. Own Candles has a great choice of candles.

Next one I would like to mention is a planner of the year. Ustvarjam sanjsko leto is a planner that I buy every year in December. Moreover, it is also a motivational and life goals diary.

shopping locally

Shopping Locally

One another small local business that I recommend is Their beauty products are made from clay in Slovenia and are all natural. They have soaps, shampoos and creams appropriate for a Christmas gift.

Big Slovenian company Afrodita Cosmetics offers a big selection of all sorts of cosmetics. My favourites are from 100 % SPA which are also vegan products and all natural. Sun Care line is one another that I like and it is affordable and vegan as well.

afrodita cosmetics

What about jewellery;)

In Slovenian we have a lot of unique jewellery makers, I will name two of them. So, the first one is MyUnikat by Tjaša Vodeb. She is a young entrepreneur who loves to make jewellery. What I like about her, is that she has a really nice range of everything and she is not afraid to be unique. Second one is a lady from Slovenian mountains The Mountain Pearls.

Food lovers;)

If you are a foodie here is a great vegan chocolate alternative for unique food shopping. Lizin vrt has raw cakes and vegan chocolates in the offer. Are you a fan of different oils? Here are a few choices. For a pumpkin seed oil Kocbek has the best. One of the producers of Mediterranean olive oil from Slovenia is Nona Tonca. But if you want a bit more products to choose from, here is a Malinca * website. Coconut oil*, energy mix*, body care products*.

Disclaimer: Products marked with “*” are an affiliate links.

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