New Years Resolutions For 2020

I have never done a new years resolutions list. But this year I will. I have a few goals in my mind and this year I want to have a deadline. 🙂


I always had my goals written down in my planner. And I have never had New Year Resolutions. But this year as we are heading into new decade, I think that it is time to do some thinking about resolutions. I have already set my goals as I do every three months. I think that all I need is a “deadline”. And one year time period comes along just fine with my short term goals.

Let me just say that some personal goals I won’t be writing here, I’ll be writing them in a planner only.


Firstly, my number one resolution is a personal one. Is a personality goal, that I want to work on this year. I choose the word “confidence”. For the reason that I want implement much more confidence in my everyday work and everyday thoughts. In myself I have a lot of self-doubt that I am constantly fighting with. So because of that, working on my self-confidence is a really good start. To be more confident with my business, being more confident with my body image and be more confident in my potential of what can I achieve.

Second new year resolution is to eat more veggies and seasonal fruit. Previous year I was eating a lot of veggies but not so much fruit. So this year I need to eat more fruits. The way I want to achieve that, is to make myself morning smoothie everyday. For now it is going as planned but we will see in a two to three months period how it goes then.


Next resolution is a business one. So I want to grow my blog and my shop, with my products. This year I want to fill my shop with three more products. So stay tuned for that! First one is coming out this spring!.:)

Similarly I want to grow my main business. I need to buy some more equipment this year. And do some more investing.


-coat Tom Tailor

-boots Timberland

-hat&leggings H&M

-scarf&gloves Oviesse

As you may know I really like to read. Hence I have a goal for this year. Every month I must read minimum three books. It doesn’t matter which books or about what. With this resolution I want to keep my reading on track and get some more knowledge out from books.


So this are my resolutions for this year, I have them in my planner more organized and planned for each month. I want to achieve all of them this year and be consistent every month.

Please write down in the comment section bellow what is your number one resolution for this year?! We all can get some inspiration for the next year, how to improve our lives and how to achieve our goals.


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