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rencelj cosmetics

After two months of moving drama, we are finally getting in our daily routines. And this means blogging again for me! This week I was thinking to mention a beauty brand that I discovered a few months ago. It is a small local brand and they are making natural skincare from local ingridients and with no testing on animals. Brand Renčelj Cosmetics is located in Slovenia and uses all the local natural ingridients.

All the skincare is based on two plants/flowers, Lavender and Immortelle. They grow this two plants by themselves on their land and producing some lovely products for the skin.

1. Washable Bamboo Pads

Firstly a washable bamboo pads. Five bamboo pads, that can be washed in washing machine. They are made in Slovenia and can be washed up 95 °C. This is a growing movement to a sustainability. Really soft and usable for taking off your make up in the evenings. If you are a regular make up user this bamboo washable pads would be great for you. Just to reduce one-use cotton pads, because they are really bad for the environment. Even me, I don’t use so much make up but would love to use this washable bamboo pads instead of one-use cotton pads.

rencelj cosmetics

2. Face Cream

Secondly product that I tried, is a hydrating face cream with lavender and bergamot.  It hydrates the skin and it’s quickly absorbed into the skin. The scent is lavender, but it’s mild and not strong like in lavender oils. Not tested on animals and made with natural ingridients. I have been using this cream for three months now and I really like it. Skin is relaxed, soft and hydrated. Looking forward to try some more products.

rencelj cosmetics

3. Lip Butter

Lip butter made from natural oils from different plants and flowers. It nourishes the lips and makes the lips healthy, hydrated and soft.

rencelj cosmetics

4. Hand Cream

Moreover, a beautiful choice for gift or to treat yourself for a nice hand cream. Hand cream is hydrating and light on a skin. In combination with face cream it nourishes the skin, repaires any damages, and softens the skin.

rencelj cosmetics

Finally, check the online Renčelj cosmetics store for more skincare products and a brand new cosmetic line with immortelle. 

rencelj cosmetics

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