A Reflection of The Year – Blogmas 6

A reflection of the year

In this Blogmas I wanted to write down a reflection of the year. This year was so hectic. Everything was on its head. But we managed to keep our life on course. So much has happened good and bad. This blog post is for me, to keep my memories of this year alive and to self reflect the next year. I strongly encourage you to do the same. You don’t need to write a post about it. Just write down on your computer or some paper and keep it until next year. To see how much have you grown in one year. Like this it is easy to keep up with long term life goals.

The last winter I was for one month unemployed, then I had a part time employment and now I am self-employed. For some reason I finally managed to start pursuing my dreams.


We had the best summer vacations:)

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


You can find some more pictures here in my previous post.

summer vacations

We also did some exploring of our home country Slovenia.

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In fall I had a collaboration with #MyBoschSlovenija and I was baking 2 times per week for month and a half. Here is my favourite recipe:

[kad_youtube url=”” ]


Last month we updated my website to a newer version and also something really exciting is coming up soon! Can’t wait:)

Something that I’ve learned over the years is that the lot of bad things are followed by a lot of good things. So if you are in a bad position, just keep on working hard, don’t give up, this just means that you are growing, you are learning, don’t give up on yourself!

Just keep on working on your dreams no matter what other people say or think. Be fearless and persistent when you have terrible days and celebrate the small victories along the way.


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