Fearless 100 % Organic Cotton Women T-Shirt


  • 100% organic cotton
  • Earth Positive
  • Fair Trade
  • Peta approved vegan

In sizes: S, M, L.




Women T-Shirt 100% Organic Cotton

Firstly the writing on the back has a meaning, that no background is important and it doesn’t matter with how much you start. Also it doesn’t matter what kind of dreams you have. Moreover, there is a strong independent person inside you who just need to be fearless. Be fearless at chasing your dream life. Have passion and work hard. Believe that there is one another person who support you. To sum up, I give this shirts to you to have something organic and very comfortable to wear while working hard towards your life goals. My product is my gift to you to believe that someone is supporting you and you are not alone!

Washing Instructions:

Wash inside out. Hand wash or maschine wash at gentle setting. Do not use fabric softener and/or bleach! Do not dry-clean or tumble-dry. Do not iron the printed area!

Delivery just to EU countries costs 7,99 €. Five to seven days delivery. 



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S, M, L


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