Personal Growth – About Honesty and Respect

Firstly, personal growth is a magical thing. But somehow it feels like there is no positive emotions in people. It is unbelievable how the people act nowadays. There is so much hypocrisy that sometimes I am afraid even to tell someone something about me that it won’t be used against me one day. Also, the “two-face situation”. People would tell one person some thing and then will talk to the other person and will tell her about the same thing, but in completely different text. Why is this happening??

Bovec, river Soča.
Deep thought:

Secondly, I don’t know about you, but sometimes I am afraid to step outside of our apartment because of the people intentions. I hope that where you live, you are surrounded with good and positive people. Here where I live there are more and more negative people. When family member or neighbour or anybody else become successful, people become jealous. They start making scams, they gossip and act like they are the “victims”. When in reality they are to proud of themselves that they are not able to say that they are wrong, that they are doing things in the wrong way. How can I even respect these people?

Velika korita Soče, Great gorges of river Soča.

Personal growth in my thoughts:

Further more, my question that I have been questioning in my head for a long time now is: “What can I even do in this situation?”..If they are too proud to listen my advice, if they think that they have everything figured out and at the same time they are whining how bad life they have, that everything negative is happening just to them. How can I let them know, that they need to change their whole thinking??

Bay of Sistiano, Italy.

For Example Some Tips:

  1. One of the things I would like to say to them is: “Don’t criticize if someone else is doing better then you do!”
  2. Second: “Stop whining and take responsibility of your life, of every your action, every day!”
  3. Third: “Stop thinking that you are the only one in the world that very bad things happen to! You’re not!”
And for instance some more thoughts:
  1. “Make a list of the things that are bothering you and make a plan how to fix them! By taking an action or by changing the way of thinking!”
  2. “Start reading personal growth and psychology books! They will help you understand why are you feeling like that!”
  3. “Respect is earn not given! How can you expect that everybody will respect you, if you’re not doing nothing to gain it!
  4. “Do not depend on no one but yourself! This is your life, do all the things that you can by yourself!”

Waterfall Boka, Bovec.
Final thoughts:

In the end even though, there is a cruel world outside. Especially when you are doing well in your life, people will try to make you feel bad. There is power in positive thinking. Power of love, of respect, power of honest talk to each other. Above all many problems could be solved, if we could be just honest to each other and would stop lying! There is a power in taking responsibility for our own lives and not sticking noses in others lives. More over, the power is in gratitude for all the small things that we already have. Making positive habits is a good thing and we should all embrace personal growth for our ultimate life goal.

In conclusion, I hope you are all well and we are building a positive community here on my website. Welcome all the ones, that feel grateful and positive in life. Hello to the lonely people. If you feel close to my topic, you can be sure that you’re not alone! Hello all the ones that feel that life is short and can not be waste it.

Meanwhile I will see you in my next one:) You can find my previous post here!🙂 

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