One Day in Salzburg – Bloganuary 1

Bloganuary 1:

Hello my beautiful friends and Happy New Year to all of you! Incredible how fast time goes by. I remember when I was little the time went so slow compare to now. It’s crazy, it’s already January and I feel like it’s stil autumn. But that’s life 🙂

We were on another trip in December. One Day in Salzburg was just perfect to get some Christmas mood. For me exploring new places is one thing that I enjoy the most in my life. It gives me new perspectives and I get wider understanding of so many things. Exploring and reading personal growth books are one of my hobbies. We went to see Salzburg by agency Kompas and I have no regrets.

So here are few pictures from the trip:)

[pane title=”Christmas Market in Salzburg” start=open]

Christmas Market in Salzburg

The best thing of the trip was Christmas Market in the city center which is famous for Salzburg. We got some hot wine, fruits dipped in chocolate, Christmas tree decorations in glass and in wood, natural soaps, different chocolates, different foods, jewellery, and so much more. I love that everything was from local companies.


[pane title=”A little city called Salzburg“]

The city center is really small but it is so historical. Every building has a historical significance. In Salzburg is also a birth house of a famous composer Mozart. The city castle and the catacombs beneath are the oldest in the city. Small but it has so much to offer.



[pane title=”Red Bull Hangar“]

We also visited the Red Bull Hangar which is a type of a museum. There is an exhibition of old adrenalin vehicles from Red Bull Competitions. Very interesting to see for the boys.:)





I highly recommend to take trip to visit Salzburg in December is magical but also in summer it must be so beautiful. Always go traveling, go exploring even if it is just a region nearby. It will give you new thoughts on things, knowledge about other cultures, a sense of freedom and a lot more. In summer we like to explore nature around us, mountains, rivers, forests..we like just to take a walk through forests. What I want to say is that you don’t need a lot of money to go exploring you need just your smile and your legs, adventure is just around the corner.:)

Until next time:)… here is my latest post.

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