These Are My Thoughts To You On The Edge Of A New Chapter

These Are My Thoughts To You On The Edge Of A New Chapter

The Year Is Ending

As the year is coming to an end, we are all reflecting back what have we achieved and what not. Maybe we should all be proud of the little successes that we made, be happy for all the love that was given to us and motivated for all that’s ahead of us. But let us not forget on all mistakes that we made and the bad things that happened to us this year. The good and the bad is what makes us who we are, how we adapt to change, how are we dealing with everyday tasks, etc. The experiences, events, things don’t describe us. What does define our future, our life, is our way of attitude about those events, things. Not what happens to us, but how we react to certain problems. There are two ways how we react. A positive and a negative way. If we are having a negative attitude, we see just problems around us, we react badly to the everyday life situations and the future will be dark in our thoughts. The people must wake up from this “sleep in negativity”. We must wake up everyday with a positive thought or a least try to. Not looking on things like problems, instead look at them as opportunities.

Story of positive thinking

So, if I wrap the whole year in this concept, I must say that I finally believe, that the concept works. In August, September my thoughts were down, I was really upset, nothing was working as I wished. But I was still whispering to myself, believe in it, work hard, think positive, every single day. For three months absolutely nothing changed. In the end of November I was still thinking positive, but things were the same. But suddenly in the beginning of December some things changed. If you believe it or not, after searching for more then ten years, I finally got a job that’s suitable for me, for my education. I still hardly believe it. I’m starting my new job position on the first working day in January. This means that with the new year I will have my own start of a new chapter in my life. I am excited beyond words. This is the greatest opportunity that will change everything. And this is the gift that I want to give you this Christmas. Not my story, but the endless positive thinking behind it. 

What you need to know

What you need to know is that you are not alone. You are not alone being happy or not alone being desperate. We are people. We are made to feel mixed emotions, we all have something good and something bad inside us. The only difference is, which one we are reaching out for the most. Most people quit to be positive and hard working after just one week. That is absolutely not productive! Positive thoughts are a long term goal. And we must set some long term life goals. Lets say, where we wanna be in ten years time. And then work hard and smart every day. You must believe that this good thing is coming to you. And you are working hard to get it. So, these are my thoughts to you on the edge of a new chapter. For all of us!


Stay safe! Stay Positive!


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