Mountain Velika Baba- Exploring Slovenian Nature

Two years ago I went exploring Slovenian nature to see mountain Velika Baba.

In 2016 we went on a hike to see the mountain Velika Baba, in the Eastern Julian Alps. I like hiking and exploring Slovenian nature very much. From the top you can see mountain Krn and Lake Krn. We went in the end of May and you can see on the pictures that there was a little bit of snow left. It’s a 3 to 4 hours long hike. The mountain is at a height of 2016 meters.

In addition, here are some pictures from my hiking trip. Have in mind that I am not an athlete but a person who loves to hike and blog about it:)

We start hiking very early, I think it was seven o’clock in the morning. For the first two hours we were slowly flat hiking. Meanwhile, the weather got cloudy. The second part of the hike was much more steep and there was snow and ice on some parts of the path. However, I was really enjoying this hike, from the above you can see the famous Lake Krn and many more great views.

I wonder, what are your favourite sports to do?..:)

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