March Top 5 Beauty Favorites


This month beauty favorites blog post is so hard to write, because I’m still using almost all the same products as I was using in February. But nevertheless, I love doing this reviews. In late spring and summer I’m planning of doing a little bit more reviews of skincare brands, suncare products and organic skincare, beside monthly beauty favorites. So stay close for inspiration and positive vibes.

March Beauty Favorites

The first new product is a Dior Eye Shadow. It feels luxurious to have a Dior eye shadow in my collection. And the color is great also. Because I have a new job, that don’t requires wearing make up, I’m doing my makeup just on the weekends. Also where I work the air is not optimal, so I prefer less products on my face. And the ones that I use are more protective.

Dior Beauty

That brings me to the next product. It’s a brand that I know for a long time. They’re making organic skincare products from a local ingredients in Slovenia. Brand Baldrijan has a very small production but every time I try their product, it surprises me! I think that I already talked about them in the past on this blog. The “Winter Cream For Cold&Wind” is amazing, also the “Relaxing Eucalyptus Gel” is amazing for muscle pain and headaches. Right now we’re both using …. cream, and it gives a thick protection against the outdoor air pollution and amazingly it absorbs quickly and nourishes the skin.

Baldrijan Beauty

In the previous blog post I had a lot of face beauty products, so in this one I thought I can mention some hair products. For what I tried the Moroccan Argan Oil for hair is absolutely the best. It nourishes split ends of hair, it gives the healthy shine look and on the touch it feels absolutely luxurious. Beautifully healthy skin and hair are a priority number one. So I always choose health instead of multi-beauty products, if you know what I mean.

moroccan argan oil


Next hair products are my current shampoo and conditioner. I bought them in DM, but as they were very cheap I didn’t expect them to be anything but bad products. But I was wrong. They are good products for its price. Love that they are made especially for brown hair, but in stores they also have shampoos for different hair colors and styles. You know, sometimes the price doesn’t reflect the value of the product. 

Balea Hair Shampoo

Lastly, the beauty product that I wanted to mention is a hand cream from Afrodita Cosmetics. I’m using the cream before I go to bed in the evenings and it’s really smoothing and calming. As much it’s a bit thicker it absorbs quite quickly and that’s what I like. I hate the feeling of oily hands and every furniture in the apartment has finger prints. No thank you! 🙂 My top hand creams are always with the same priorities, heavy nourishment and quick absorption.

afrodita cosmetics


At the end I wanted to thank you who are reading my blog, you mean the world to me! I always wanted to have something of my one, to create and express my thoughts. And this blog represents that! A community of positive people, of kind people, or a bad people who desperate want the change in their lives. A group who knows that people will never be perfect, but that does not give us a reason to quit on trying to improve our lives! A fearless tribe who are fighting the bad vibes and introducing the greatness of positivity in the world! You’re the best!


Stay Positive! Stay Safe!

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