July Top 5 Beauty Favorites

beauty favorites

Brand “Butters” is a local Slovenian brand with natural cosmetics. They have a big range of natural butters. But the pride of this summer season is this product and it’s the best. It also won the first place in magazine Grazia in category of beauty tanning products in Slovenia. When I saw the award, it was necessary for me to get it! 🙂 And I do not regret at all. I got it in a light version because I’m quite pale. It works for me beautifully. As I am a skeptic I didn’t believe that natural product will work at all. But for some reason it does. Further more, it works immediately just after two coats.

The second product that makes the skin glowing, is the shimmer body oil. Again, it’s from the same summer beauty line “Tropical Ride“. Perfect for the evening strolls by the beach.

beauty favorites


beauty favorites

Next product is quite unusual. I was thinking to get it for a long time. But here it is now. A natural product for whitening the teeth. Like previously, “Karbonoir” is a Slovenian local beauty brand that specializes in activated charcoal for teeth whitening. As I am not fond of my teeth at all, I decided to purchase this product. It is a bit soon to tell you the results, but I’m eager to try it out further.

beauty favorites


Surely, you must all already know the brand of nail polishes called “Zoya“.  I’ve bought my first products from a local online shop. And I’ve used the “Color Lock System” for the first time. Although, I have used it just that one time, I think that this nail polish is the best one I have ever tried! I work every day for eight hours in a factory, where I have to do “heavy work” with my hands. Therefore, it is quite important for me to have a quality over quantity when it comes to hand and nail care. In the matter of colors, there is no need for further explanation, I always use neutrals or light pinks.

zoya nail polish

Lastly there is a product that needs no introduction. The all time favorite of mine, “L’Occitane shea butter hand cream“. The best cream in the world for damaged hands. I recommend it for all who have work that damages their hands daily. 

l'occitane hand cream


In the next post I will share with you my top summer products, which are a staple in my summer beauty routine. Subscribe to my newsletter to be updated.

Stay happy, stay safe!

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