January Top 5 Beauty Favourites

I am so happy to be back with monthly beauty favourites. Every month I will be talking about five products that I am currently using. Nothing in details, just general description as I am not a “cosmetic expert”. This is just the way to keep in touch with you and to share with you my beauty products.

Hand Cream

Since last spring, when I bought these products for the first time, I have been using them on a daily basis. A hand cream and a face cream from natural local ingredients. Rencelj Cosmetics is a Slovenian Local manufacturer of natural beauty products. They are using lavender and immortelle that are growing on their own fields. I love the creams based on lavender. Cream doesn’t irritate my eyes and absorbs quickly. Skin is so smooth afterwards. If you’re seeking for new natural products, I would recommend to you to try them.

beauty favourites



I received this face cleanser as a gift and I am satisfied with it. It really does the job. Skin is so smooth and clean afterwards. A positive thing is that is “multi action”. Meaning, it’s a foam cleanser and a purifying mask at the same time. For me, this is a bonus, since I’m not good at doing mask treatments. They are so time consuming. So this is a perfect way for me to have a clean skin. But the cleanser has one downfall and that is: it’s not natural. It hurts my eyes, if the cream accidentally comes to close to my eyes. This is also stated on the packaging. For those who prefer more natural products this is not the product for you. For those who have oily skin and in need of heavy duty cleanser is perfect.

beauty favourites



If you are following me for a few years now, you would probably know that I have a “deodorant problem”. 🙂 I can’t and can’t find a natural and organic deodorant that would work! A long time ago I was using a Dove deodorant in spray and I was loving it, but now it doesn’t work for me anymore. So, after I lost all my hope to find a natural & organic deodorant, I bought this one. This is an anti perspirant from Adidas and it actually works and doesn’t irritate my skin, even if it’s not natural.

beauty favourites



In general I never use lipstick or gloss, I only use lip balms. But this lipstick Pure Color Envy 410 was a gift. I love the color, cause I love neutrals. It’s not drying on the lips, but it’s smooth and creamy. When I’m feeling great or for the rare occasion of leaving the apartment it’s perfect.

beauty favourites


Eye Shadow Palette

On the other hand, eye shadows and mascara I use every day. For the last few months at home, I am using this eye shadow palette DMs organic skincare beauty line Alverde. In love with these neutral shades as I am no make up artist they are really easy to use. I love the fact that the shadows are natural and don’t irritate my eyes (I hate when this happens). I will try to get some more organic eye shadows this spring to share with you.

beauty favourites

The End

Thank you so much for reading about my beauty favourites to the end. I hope you got some inspiration what to try next. I would love if you would subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Hope you are all safe and productive during this cold and long winter. On the “Lifestyle” page you can find a lot of articles about how to deal with stress, how to work from home or how to be productive. If you have some thoughts to share, please leave me a comment. See you next week!


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