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5 Influencers To Follow For At Home Workout Motivation

Here are my recommendations for working out at home. While we are staying in self-isolation we need to take a special care of our body. Even if we are at home most of the days, we must not forget to work out. I would say that two to three times per week is enough workout. But everybody is different. I do two workouts per week, for the first one I go for a run in a near by forest and for the second, I am doing workout at home without equipment. I am doing the exercises from the following influencers.


1.Carly Rowena

Instagram Carly Rowena


2. Zanna Van Dijk

Instagram Zanna Van Dijk


3. The Lean Machines:

Instagram TLM


4. Boho Beautiful:

Instagram Boho Beautiful


5. Christine Salus: 

Instagram Christine Salus


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