5 Ideas For a Christmas Gifts – Blogmas 1

As the holiday season is already here, I have for you some Christmas Gifts Ideas.

  1. Unique Organic Fashion Pieces

There are so many fashion trends and brands but for gifting season the unique fashion pieces are the best. I created a meaningfull t-shirt line. As I am so fond of organic products the 100% organic cotton t-shirts go hand in hand with my website. They are from 100 % organic cotton, fair trade and Peta approved vegan. The writing on the back has a meaning. It means that no background is important and it doesn’t matter with how much you start, it doesn’t matter what kind of dreams you have. There is a strong independent person inside you who just need to be fearless. Be fearless at chasing your dream life. Have pasion and work hard. Believe that there is one another person who support you. I give this shirts to you to have something organic and very comfortable to wear while working hard towards your life goals. This is my gift to you to believe that someone is supporting and you are not alone! Stay tuned, coming up in December!:)

Next one is:

  1. Afrodita Cosmetics

Afrodita Cosmetics has some great simple holiday beauty packages. I love those simple beauty products because we use them every day and as a gift they won’t go to waste or to the back of the drawer. My christmas holiday gifting tradition is very classic and simple. I enjoy simple presents. When we were young we got a new pair of socks, oranges, peanuts, chocolate and new winter PJ’s. I am still like that. It’s not that I don’t like beautiful expensive things, but those simple gifts, gifted from the heart are the best.

  1. L’Occitane

From the simple to the natural ones. L’Occitane is one of my favourite beauty brands ever. The texture, the smell, the packaging for me is soo beautiful. You can get their Advent Calendar or Christmas Gift Sets or just a Gift Coupon. My favourite is a shea butter hand cream.

The last two gifts are:

  1. Own Candles

Own Candles is a Slovenian candle making brand. They have a simple packaging that I like and a great array of smells. From fruity to christmasy. What I also like about them is it that the candles are vegan.

  1. Malinca

One another very usefull gift for me is unique food gifts. From the high quality olive oils to home made honey. Easy to use food supplements or unique chocolate. We use food every day just make sure that the person you want to give the present doesn’t have some dietary requirements. Here is a Macha Latte Mix*, very good for energy. Or a new unique product Pink Latte Mix*.


Disclaimer: Products marked with “*” are an affiliate links.

If you are more of a hiking person, you can read about our trips to nature here:)

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