How To Recover Your Mindset When You Lost Someone

Losing someone is such a hard life experience which we all must take. This topic is very close to my heart as I lost my mother due to cancer when I was relatively young. To write about this topic was something on my mind for a while. So here I write about “How to recover your mindset when you lost someone”.

Take Time

Firstly what you need to do, is to take time to recover from loss. Nothing happens over night! You’ll need at least 60 days to change your thoughts and habits. If the person was very close to you even more time. Don’t judge yourself or be critical to yourself. Understand that it won’t be easy but the feeling of loss and despair will go away. 

Secondly, you need to get yourself into an almost strict routine. Free time is the worst when your going through loss. When person doesn’t have it’s mind occupied, the person will think about all the bad things that are happening. So make time to schedule a perfect timetable for the week. Work, hobbies, sleep, eating, jogging, put everything down into a notebook and follow it strictly. Like that you’ll be occupied with productive tasks that give you positive value.


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Recover Mindset

Next thing you need to do, is to make a list of everything that you want to achieve in life. Some of you will probably say that you already have the goals set. Maybe you have, but after you lost a piece of your soul also the goals and desires have changed. So you need to repeat the process and start new goal setting or vision board. This is how you’ll get your mind focus back on track. Focusing on your new life goals will also help you with scheduling daily tasks.

Further more, when you’ve done all that you’ll need to start working on your mindset heavily. And it won’t be easy. As you are coming from a very negative atmosphere, a hard work is ahead to change it on a positive side. That means you’ll need to monitor your daily thoughts, sometimes maybe even every hour. There are a lot of methods that can help you with that and you can find them in personal growth books.


But let me now give you three techniques for positivity. The first one is list of gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful feeling that can instantly lift your spirit up! Every day make a list of ten things that you’re grateful of that same day. Write them down in a notebook or diary or computer. Take time and for each thing develop a conscious sense of gratitude and feel it deeply. Like it’s a part of you.

Further more, a great technique that helped me a lot are positive affirmations. When you catch yourself on thinking negative things about yourself, turn them into a positive power. For easy example: “I’m so fat!” Turn into: “I represent natural beauty!”. Another example: “My sister is doing so great but I’m a disaster!” Turn into: “I’m so happy for my sister and I’m also doing the best job I can!”. I hope you’ve got the sense how the positive affirmations work and how to use them.

Conscious Effort

Finally the third technique for a positive mindset is to find the purpose of your life. I know, that is so difficult! Even I struggle with this one! How I use it it’s a bit different. Instead of thinking abut my purpose I think of my deep desires that keep my soul alive. I know that you have some of that deep wishes that empower you instantly when you think of them. Use them in your advantage! When you have a bad day, think of them, let your desires fulfill your heart with happiness!

And that is what you ultimately want! Happiness inside you, the love for yourself when you look in the mirror. You need to fell in love with your life and spirit again. You’ll definitely achieve that, if you put a conscious effort in it and work hard on your daily mindset.


Stay Positive! Stay Safe!

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