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  1. Firstly you need to be flexible in your daily schedule. You’ll will probably wonder why flexible if the whole point of organized schedule is to be more strict to yourself?! That’s because sometimes some things randomly happen and you can’t do nothing about it. You need to accept those random moments and work your schedule around them. Flexibility is a key skill, now more then ever. Last year when the pandemic came we all needed to change our schedules, routines and life in general. A great example! Sometimes you will manage to do everything on your to-do list and sometimes not. Just be flexible in day-to-day tasks.
  2. Secondly, always or at least most of the time, pick three of the most challenging tasks for that day and do them first. Doing harder work firstly is for me more effective. As I have the most energy in the mornings, I do the tasks that consume the most time or the tasks that I don’t like then.
  3. Be sure not to copy any other persons daily schedule. We are all different! With different lifestyles. The daily schedule that works amazing for your friend or anyone else, will not work for you. Take a time, plan your priorities and time.

how to be more organized

More Organized

4. If you don’t already have, buy yourself a planner or notebook. Or, if you’re more “digital” use digital calendars.

5. To be as much organized as you can, you must be in the best shape, mentally and physically. Take care of your body, be healthy. Take care of your spirit, be positive.

6. Have a whole house declutter every year. This is once per year task, that keeps your everyday work easier. Less stuff, less stress, less cleaning and organizing.

7. Create and have a vision board. It will vary, depends of your lifestyle. If I make an example. Visual board for your personal life, will contain any dreams, plans or visions for your future. What are your dreams with your family, what is a perfect family house for you, how many kids you want, what kind of housewife you want to be. Anything personal really. Put the board on a visible place in your home. As you’ll be walking by everyday multiple times, the vision board will automatically motivate you and lift your spirit up.

Motivation For 2021

This year has a big meaning for me. It will be the first full year in our own tiny apartment that we managed to bought. This year we are also doing some renovations to this little place. If the pandemic doesn’t ruin the plans again. We will get a new insulation and a new bathroom to the end of the year. I’m truly excited for 2021 and I hope that you have some exciting plans to. Organization now shouldn’t be a problem anymore, if you just stick to the tips and tricks above. Keep in mind, that we are not striving for perfection in life but for happiness!! Every one is unique and deserves happiness!


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