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This is a blog post for everyone, who decided to change their lives for better! I started this series of blog posts “Motivation 2020”, because I want to help others with their life and dreams. If you are new to my website, hello! Welcome to the family of responsible people, who work hard on their dreams, and are always learning more! On this blog you’ll find everything from natural beauty products to personal growth techniques and healthy plant based recipes. If you want to follow, join us and subscribe for monthly newsletter! 

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How To Start

To start living your best life, you firstly need to know, what your dream life even looks like. Sometimes this is harder then it sounds, because of all the social media influence. You will need some time off to brainstorm yourself and find out what you really want and why! 

When you’ll now what you really want, you’ll need to make a list of what is needed to make the dream come true. Including knowledge, finances, space, time and so on. 


For example: ” I really want to have my own bakery!”

The List:

-I need space to sell/store

-list of baked goods that you’re going to sell

-buy ingredients

-learn the recipes

-develop a unique bakery experience

-find programs, cash registers, accounting service

-register as self employed or firm, do all the legal and paper work

-how much money do I need

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When the list is done, you will need to brake this tasks into steps. And define how much time every step takes. 

For example: Steps for task “buy ingredients”:

1st step: collect money one month

2nd step: chose a supplier one week

3rd step: make an order one day

4th step: wait for delivery one week

This is just an example, but this tasks sometimes take much more time than you expected. Make a plan with steps and timeline for every task. When the plan is made and your weeks are filled with tasks to be done, then the work begins. 

motivation start working on your dreams

Make a financial plan:

To start your own business or to invest in future you’ll need to collect/save some money first. Start saving money of minimum two years before, by saving 10 % of your monthly income. Those who have less income will need to save a bit more time then those who have more. But 10 % is not a drastic number, so from month to month you wouldn’t really notice any kind of deprivation. 

Dreams are your life goals:

That means that you are in for a long term work. Dreams never come true after a week, dreams come true after a few years of hard work. Don’t choose the easy way, because it won’t last. Choose the harder way, work hard, longer and smarter. Slowly but surely! Be prepared for a change, everything changes after time, so we must change also our strategies. Dreams are your life goals so be prepared that it could take a long time before you reach them.

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Also, you will need to motivate yourself regularly. For me is the best way, that I envision my dream future and how it would make me feel. I keep that positive thought in my mind, when I have terrible days. Stay close as more blog posts about motivation and healthy lifestyle are coming soon.


See you soon , Ester!


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