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Organization is a thing that I’m really fond of. I can’t imagine not to be organized, everything would be so confusing. So here are my top tips how to be more organized. 

Daily Tasks

First habit that I recommend is to have a planner and to organize your week in advance.

For example:

Monday: Work Than Groceries.

Tuesday: Work Than Cleaning the Bathroom.

Wednesday: Work than Playing with Children.

Thursday: Work than Baking Bread.

Friday: Work Than Editing Papers, Videos, Blog post,..

Saturday: Kids Homework, Walk in Nature, Laundry.

Sunday: Self – care day. Organize my planner, my clothes, take a bath,..

When you have planned your week , you need to be a little bit strict to yourself. Even when you are tired you need to put effort in tasks, which you had set for yourself. 

Moreover, if you are not a fan of weekly planning, do it daily. Every day in the morning make a to-do list, drink your coffee and go.

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Second tip, is about cleaning after yourself. Clean and declutter all of your living spaces. All the things that you kept, need a space to belong. That’s how you’ll be able to put things immediately where they belong. And not having them all around and searching for them constantly.You’ll save so much time, by doing this.

How To Organize Your Time

Third way, how to be more organized, is to plan the most important or the hardest tasks, in that time of the day when you are the most productive.This depends of your lifestyle, how big your family is, and so on. For me, the most productive time in the day are my mornings. I can be much more focused and more productive. So if I have some difficult jobs to do that day, I will force myself to do them in the mornings. If I leave them for the afternoon, it’s a big possibility, that I won’t get them done.

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Further more, when I was on college it went really well with “time blocking”. So, for instance: Lectures 8-12am, lunch 0-1pm, 1-5pm lectures, 5-6pm dinner, 6-7pm workout, 7-8pm selfcare, 8-10pm studying and then go to bed. It was very usefull. Even we didn’t have any exams, I would take time to study to keep up. Because two times per week we also went out and party. For some of you, this will be the most effective time solution. Lets say one hour for children, one hour for cleaning, one hour for yourself, etc.


The book that I recommend reading: An Edited Life

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