Home Decor And What Means “Home” To Me

Home Decor And What Means “Home” To Me

For me, “home” is a one thing that I still didn’t accomplished. We are renting expensive apartment in a small city with no space of storage. But home isn’t just an object. The meaning of word “home” is something that is a staple in life. Moreover, it could be a person that makes you feel like “home”. So lets talk about “home”.

Home Decor:

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Home decor for me is a thing that I can’t use it in practice in a full swing. Apartments that we rented were really small. Every surface was being used as a working space. So the only thing that I used as a decoration were our memorabilia and candles. Loving the candles, especially during winter. We don’t have a lot of pictures or inherited things. I have a few mugs from our travels, some special glasses and two or three pictures. For now we keep all of our pictures on hard drive. Once we will buy a home, I’ll develop some of the favourites and buy some picture frames.  

But if you want to know what kind of style I have and get some ideas, look below.




[pane title=”The Struggles:”]

So, as I was saying in the paragraph above, it doesn’t feel like home here. Firstly, where we are currently staying, there is not enough space to store all of our things. We needed to ask our family members, if we can borrow their space for a few years to store our belongings. Secondly, we have a problem with wall insulation. Struggling with humidity is this winter “a thing”. Lastly, we pay a bit to much money for its worth.

These are some of the reasons why I’m not feeling comfortable in this apartment. Another thing, that I want to mention, is that you can’t renovate rented apartments by yourself. You can’t do nothing to the space, just a few minor repairs.

The Good Things:

[pane title=”The Good:”]
But we can not forget that there are a few good things around this situation. Honestly, if I had to make decision about renting, I would do it again. There are a few great things about it. I have never felt and I would never feel comfortable living with other people. Meaning, every generation has its own thoughts how to live the life, every women has its own rules how to run the household, every person has its own opinion how and where to spend the day and what is the most important thing. As a result of that, there are always struggles when you live with other people. Except your closest: husbands, boyfriends and children.

Be grateful!

Hence, I am grateful that I can live on my own, on my own terms, with my own rules how to manage our space. There is nothing more satisfying then, when you come home and no one is telling you what to do and what to be! You can be yourself, we can be what we always wanted to be. Independent, feeling free and motivated to live as we are inspired and motivated to live. There is no one telling us: “You can’t do that!”. 

What is “home”:

A meaning behind the word “home” is for me a feeling, that you feel in your heart. I feel a lot of that when I am around my love. The feeling, when you know this is it. Almost everything comes together and you know what you were missing all these years. Everything gets on a higher level. The things, that you thought that aren’t possible, are happening now. Because of that feeling, I can go through with all the struggles with rented apartments. Because of the knowing, that “a real home”, our own space, is coming to us. Because of hope and vision and hard work on our dreams. 

Listen to your heart. “Home” it could be everywhere. For me, the home is with him and me, both together, sharing and building our lives together.

xo, Ester

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