Have enough of everything? – Three tips to move on!

I think that winter months are much more busier then others. Everything is a mess. School, work, working out, family and so on. At school you get the amount of exams that freak us out. At work you must be a great worker every day. And do you workout three times a week? Besides that..when will you take time for the family?!..

Are you tired of everything, do you have enough of pressure? In this post I will give you three tips, how to move on in this life!

Many of us crush under the weight of stress. In our minds we fall down and we don’t see the escape from the “bewitched circle”. But I have one beautiful skill that holds me up, when everything else is falling down. Persistence..that is the skill. I strongly recommend that you start working on your own. When your courage leaves you and your motivation vanishes in the air. The persistence will be your guide through the endless hours on work, through never ending pages of the school book. Persistence will do your push-ups in the evenings. And even if you’ll be much prepared to go to sleep in the evening, you will take time for listening to your family member.

The other “personality thing”, not a skill but an emotion, that drives me through tough times is love. How much I love myself, how much I love my boyfriend, how much I love my family, how much I love this life, that was given to me. Love is a very powerful emotion! The human can do so much more in the name of love. It is the driver, it “pushes on gas” every moment you feel love.

The third thing that I intentionally use, is my list of goals. I write every year a new list, and I divide it first on half of the year, and then into every month. When I’m in trouble or lacking out of time for everything, I look only to the list of goals for this month. I exclude everything else, even someone around me won’t like it, even some things won’t be done, even I don’t do my workout every day or even I don’t always agree with my boyfriend. Be sure, that when you’ll start moving towards your goals, many things will go wrong.

And that is very good, that’s not that your failing, but that you’re changing things! For things to get better, the things, habits, emotions need to change! Your personal list of goals, your dream list is a map to your destination, it is a map to your personal happiness!

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