Guide To A Positive Mindset While Staying At Home During Virus Outbreak

Guide To A Positive Mindset While Staying At Home

So, everybody is telling us, just don’t panic and stay at home while coronavirus outbreak. But I was wondering: „And then what?“. We aren’t just machines to stop when they tell us to stop. Sometimes we can’t control our emotions, they just came up unexpected. Because of the nature of my business (organizing events), I am home for three weeks now, without any new orders for the future. The only thing keeping me away from insanity is my blog and Youtube channel. So, I’ve decided to make a blog post, about how to maintain a positive mindset while waiting at home for the foreseeable future.

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positive mindset during virus outbreak

Positive Mindset

So what positive mindset exactly is? There is no one word that would describe it, but for me, it’s a constant mind flow seeking happy thoughts and solutions. What that means, is that you feel good more then half of the day everyday. I’m not saying that I am perfect at this, and that I never feel bad, because that isn’t true. For example, two weeks ago, when I heard that our country is going to a complete lockdown for the foreseeable time and all of my orders for my business were cancelled in the mather of two days, I had a complete breakdown. But I’m writing following tips to you relaxed and motivated.

First tip to get mind flowing is to start listening to some inspirational speakers. Like my favourites, Tony Robbins, Less Brown, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, John Assaraf. You can find their speeches on Youtube. When ever I feel „that it’s a big possibility I’m going to die“ in other words „depressed“, I listen to them for half an hour or for a whole hour. That is my first aid for helping my mindset to recover.

Next tip:

Secondly, everyday before sleep I do a reflection of my day and feel gratitude for every little nice thing that has happened. Everyday I feel grateful for ten different things and why I feel grateful. Gratitude immediately gives you the emotions of having plenty in your life. Negative thoughts, give you the opposite feeling, like you have nothing in your life, which is not true.

Third thing that I do, while I’m at home, is to have my days organized. That I know exactly what I’m going to do the next day. This gives me a positive feeling, that I’m worth something, I am doing something important. Even while writing this blog post, I feel good. Even, if I help just one person, my goal is achieved. I matter. If you need some inspiration what to do at home, read my previous blog post, where I give you ideas what to do at home. When you have the idea or the list of chores made, plan a week ahead. When you’ll be in that moment of just keep going and the things will be made, you’ll get a positive feeling of satisfaction. And that is our goal!

positive mindset during virus outbreak

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How To Stay Positive At Home

Moreover, I talk a lot about positive affirmations on my blog. That is because they are so fascinating for me. We all have some negative beliefs in our heads. The first thing we need to do about them, is to aknowledge them. Ignoring bad feelings is the worst thing you can do. Aknowledge and accept negative beliefs writing them all down on a piece of paper. Take the time and do this. Further more, under every negative belief, write down the reason why do you feel like that. When you did all that, almost a whole study about yourself, you need to turn this study into your advantage. So for every negative belief, make a positive affirmation. For an easy example, a negative belief would be „I’m ugly!“. Transforming into positive belief, would become „I’m prety!“. So do the list of positive beliefs. Every person has different beliefs. Start repeating them everyday! After few weeks of repeating them, you’ll start to notice different thoughts in your mind.


Another thing that I repeat and remind myself is that everything is happening in seasons or intervals. Like every winter goes by and spring comes, like this this whole situation will come to an end. We certainly don’t know when this is going to end, but it definitely will. We just need to keep ourselfs occupied and endure it.

Feeling lonely is a big problem in self isolation at home. Especially, if you’re living on your own and you don’t have family. I don’t know how this feeling can be, but I recommend to be in touch with all your friends and family on phone and social media. In the „normal times“ everyone would be criticizied by being all day on the phone, but in this current situation, it is recommended! So, enjoy this time and spend more time then usual on your phone. Also, keep in mind that you are not alone facing this situation and feelings, you are not alone, we are all in this together!

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