Goals for the New Year – How to make a plan?

Many of us in these last days of the past year are setting goals for new year. Some people are already  experts in setting them and making plans. But some of people have goals but they don’t know exactly how to set them, how to write a plan.

So I have some tips how to make a plan to achieve any goals for new year.

First tip is to divide them in categories. Personal, health and fitness, financial and carrier. In each group set 4 different goals. Then sort them out in order by priority. The more important to you is the first one on the list.

Second tip is to divide the plan of all 16 goals into four parts. First from January to March, second from April to June, third from July to September and forth from October to December. After every three months you must check your progress on each of your goal.

Third one is to use priority list every day. The first thing on the list, is your priority of the day. You start the day first doing something to improve the first and the most important goal. So every day in the morning you have four goals to work on. And even these four you can do in priority. Start with the one that is the most important for you in that moment. When you’re done with the first one, start working on the second one. But never do the second or third one before the first one!


The last tip I have, is to define your dreams and goals very clearly. Only by visualizing them very detailed, you can make a good all-year-round plan, how to make them a reality. You must choose, which way you will follow in your life. And remember, you are the creator of your life, not the destiny. Have a healthy and successful 2018!

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