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10 Foods I Always Have in my Kitchen – Bloganuary 8

Foods I always have in my kitchen.

Hello everyone!

As I am a food lover I wanted to make a nutritionally oriented post. Today I wanted to share with you my “food essentials”. These are the foods that I always have in my kitchen. I buy them in my local market on the “healthy section”. So here are 10 foods I always have in my kitchen. Because I love to cook for us and I eat a plant based diet. For me to cook and eat at home, it is the best. Like that I can save more money, I eat much more healthy and I spend more time together with my boyfriend.

List of 10 foods I always have in my kitchen:
  1. Himalayan salt:

I always have Himalayan salt in my kitchen, because it tastes so much better and has much more minerals then ordinary salt.

2. Nutritional yeast:

Nutritional yeast flakes are a source of vitamin B12, so I add them in sauces, on pasta or I sprinkle them on salads.

3. Fresh fruit:

This is one thing that I highly recommend to you..always have fresh fruit at home. Why?…Because fruit has a high nutritional value, it has vitamins, minerals, dietary fiber and carbohydrates. Fruits are also full of water. In general so healthy.

4. Fresh vegetables:

Another so important source of essential minerals and vitamins. Hence, eating more vegetables can improve digestion and skin problems.

5. Healthy vegan snacks:

I also have some snacks prepared. I buy some of them and some we make at weekends at home. They are nice to have them as a quick snack before going to work or to take them at work.

6. Coconut sugar:

Moreover, I use coconut sugar instead of ordinary sugar. Sometimes I buy also agave syrup which is also great.

7. Coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil:

While cooking I often use olive oil. For everything else we use coconut oil.


8. Balsamic vinegar:

For fresh salads or vegetables mixtures is the best. It gives better taste to prepared foods.

9. Homemade tomato sauce:

My grandma makes homemade tomato sauce every year. So I have unlimited amount of healthy tomato sauce at hand.:) So I use her tomato sauce almost for everything.

10. Finally Green or black tea:

Probably, this are the teas that I have been drinking the most. They have a lot of antioxidants and a little bit of caffeine. Hence very nice for body energy.


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