Festive Candles- Blogmas 3

For this festive season I found out a few options of festive candles. As I was surfing on internet I saw some new candles on the market. Immediately I fell in love with new L’Occitane candles. Obvious, cause I love this brand!:)

Also I have been looking for soo many years to try out our Slovenian brand of candles called Own Candles. Their packaging is so cute and they have nice range of scents. I really want to try those candles out.

Next one, I know for a long time now, but until recently I didn’t know that they sell online also in Slovenia. The Yankee Candles. So, as I was checking their website out, I saw their Christmas collection with different holiday scents.

Why I love festive candles?Because they are very useful decorative pieces. You can use them as a decoration or you can lite them up for relaxation. The sparkling light of a candle is a nostalgic and very festive feeling. I like to light up a candle when I am at home, relaxing with a cup of tea, reading a book and trying not to think about work non stop.

Candle Light

Why is relaxing so important to me? This defintely doesn’t mean that I am lazy in any way. It just means that I include relaxing in my planning. I am trying to have every week a day off, not thinking about work. Also, every day I don’t do any work for my job after 7pm. At evening I do just the things that I love doing, writing for my blog, making my own earings and friendship bracelets, reading books or watch movies. Sometimes when the pressure at work is really high and the days are terrible I bake desserts on a week day. Which normally I wouldn’t do, because of the lack of time. It is nothing more relaxing than to shut down the phone, lite a candle, put some festive music on and make a tasty dessert (which you will have for the breakfast in the morning as well:). By all meanings I am not encouraging you to eat unhealthy diet! I am a strong supporter of veggies and fruits, but time to time, there is nothing more comforting than a freshly baked still hot chocolate brownies (love):D.

Remember this.

In conclusion, for me candles are a winter/festive treat for me with freshly baked desserts, when is cold outside and nothing goes well at work. For you it could be anything else. Try to find your own way how to relax during week days and during weekend. Take a bit of time for yourselfs, for the things you love!

You can find my previous post here:)

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