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February Top 5 Beauty Favorites

This year I started again working on my series of beauty blog posts. The next blog post is the second and ten more of them are coming. I’m not a beauty blogger, but I love to share with you some products that are doing great for me. In the next paragraphs you’ll found out about this month beauty favorites.

Beauty Favorites

Lets go in an order that you would naturally apply them. So the first one is a cleansing foam that I’ve been using regularly lately and I’m obsessed with this product. It is from a Slovenian cosmetic brand Afrodita Cosmetics. Re-balance solution is suitable for oily to combination skin and with extract of lemon and witch hazel. Thoroughly cleanses and degreases the skin without drying it out. Maintains its natural pH balance. Also removes make-up. And it’s vegan.

beauty favorites


Second beauty product is a face cream, also from Slovenian company Afrodita Cosmetics. Moisturising cream for sensitive care with extract of camomile and bisabolol. Provides gentle care and calms irritable skin prone to redness. Which is great in the winter. Camomile extract and bisabolol with anti-inflammatory effects relieve tension and irritation, while perceptibly refreshing and vitalising your skin. With daily care, your skin is deeply moisturised without feeling unpleasantly tight. The cream is also vegan.

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More Favorites

Third beauty product of my February beauty favorites is a lip balm from Artdeco. Clinically tested color booster lip balm nourishes your lips and boosts your natural color. Depending on the personal pH value of your lips, the color will range from a subtle nude-rose to a light, bright pink. A pleasant texture with apricot-kernel oil and peach-kernel oil moisturises the skin. It’s paraben free.

beauty favorites


beauty favorites

February Favorites

Next is a face liquid powder from Vichy Laboratoires. It’s a mineral blend for all the skin types. It holds fresh for 16 hours with breathable formula and natural coverage. Complexion hydrating foundation with hyaluronic acid and mineral pigments has proved to be worthy of the price. It’s really really good. It suits my skin type completely. As I rarely wear face powders or foundations, this light mineral blend it just perfect. It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and it doesn’t have that artificial scent that I hate. I have light shade in 01 Clay.


Last beauty product is a pressed powder that I’ve been loving for years. Unfortunately it’s not natural in any way, but it works really great. I am in the shade 001 Transparent and I’m using it over face cream or foundation sometimes. It has no color, so it doesn’t change my skin tone but mattifies the complexion. A great thing that I love about this product, is that it’s really light. Rimmel Stay Matte will stay in my make-up bag for sure!

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