Mountain Čukla- Exploring Slovenian Nature

Exploring Slovenian Nature

In summer of 2015 I went exploring some mountains above city Bovec. It lies in the valley of Soča river and it is known by its airfield. I love spending time in this valley every summer. The mountains are gorgeous, the river is amazing and there are so many sports you can do around there.

But I wanted to see the view from mountain Čukla, which is directly above city Bovec. I really like to explore new places in Slovenian nature.

The hike is steep all the way up, but the view on the top is amazing. Some say that the hike is two hours, but for me it was three hours. I am not an athlete but a nature, sunshine and forest lover.:) Mountain Čukla is on 1767 m.

Here are some pictures from the hike:)

On some places there is an excellent view on city Bovec. Moreover, there are also some remains from first world war. Because there is no water in the mountain and it’s facing the sunny side, I strongly recommend to take a lot of drink with you and take a very early hike. In the summer, it can get very hot in the last part of the hike in the middle of the day:).


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