Exploring Nature – One Day Trip to Mountain Kolovrat

Exploring beautiful places on the earth

Exploring the country we live in is our favourite thing to do. This year we have a very rainy spring in Slovenia. Maybe we have one day per week of sun. A little bit longer and I will need to go to buy some vitamin D:). I am hoping that summer will be much more fun. Because it is raining we can’t go out so much and explore the surrounding mountains. And because of that, there are so few nice nature pictures for this year.

On second of May we have holidays here in Slovenia. So we decided to took advantage of the sunny day and went hiking in valley of Soča. I wanted to see the trail that goes to the mountain Kolovrat. It is the mountain just at the boarder between Slovenia and Italy. The west slopes are in Italy and the east in Slovenia. Just beneath the top of the mountain there is an outdoor museum of First World War (SLO). As you now, the World Wars were happening also in this region. But the most famous is the Italian Front of Isonzo. There were fifteen battles in this region alongside the mountains and river Soča. Between Italy and Austro-Hungarian. So there are a lot of remains of bunkers and museums in this region.

We did some exploring of the bunkers.

So we took a walk through the bunkers and then we went hiking to a nearest peak of Kolovrat called Kuk. It is on 1243 m of altitude and has a lot of transmitters at the top and it is also a paragliding runway. Exploring is our favourite way to spend weekends with.

Discovering worlds nature on our way back driving with a car, on the west side of the mountain there were some stunning views. The road goes through village Kambreško and then descends to village Ročinj in the valley. On that road we came across of a small waterfall Savinka.

All the pictures are taken with my phone Huawei P9.
Some views of the nature:)

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