How to Declutter Your Life in 5 Easy Ways

Declutter is a way to a fresh start of the spring season. Can’t wait for some nice weather and new adventures. 

Declutter your life, live your freedom…

There are many ways how to organize your life. Also everyone of us has a different personality, so the exact way of doing this doesn’t exist. If you find your “WHY” you will definitely find your “HOW”! 🙂

  1. First way: Make a list of everything that currently bothers you and the list of things that you enjoy doing. The list is like pros and cons of your present life. Then sort the things listed in priority. Schedule and organize your week to start improving those prioritized things that currently bother you. Do one thing at a time, because if you start doing two or more you’ll quickly loose enthusiasm. Also, it could not be just things, they can be also emotions or feelings that you have and they are holding you back. Every three months I would repeat my list and start with the priority that is making me the most unhappy.

That is how I declutter my life. Every two to three months I make a list of things that I need to organize. I separate the list on actual things and to my feelings / mind. This month I was struggling with this cabinet which is on my hallway. Because we have a really tiny apartment, I have my shoes here, all of the books and reusable bags. It was so full of staff that I wasn’t using anymore, but I kept them because “what if I need them”. That won’t happen, I will rather go shopping for some nice new spring shoes that I really like. So I decluttered, cleaned and organized the cupboard. I filled up three bags of stuff (very interesting :).


2. Second way: Second way is different from the first in the way that you do all the work. Here you go by section of your home or your mind. Lets say your house or apartment has three rooms a bathroom and a kitchen. Go decluttering room by room. I would go first in the kitchen, because it is the heart of home and you don’t want to be “your heart” dysfunctional. Clean all the cabinets and appliances. Declutter all the stuff you don’t use anymore or the food that is expired. And then I would go to the bathroom. I would do this two spaces first, because all the family uses them. And by clearing the space, you will bring happiness to them. When your done with the common rooms take action in the bedrooms:)

3. One another way is a KonMari Method. Surely most of you already heard for this method. It is all around internet. Here is the link. But you can check also thousand of YouTube videos.

4. Moreover, there is one another way. A minimalism is an easy way for decluttering. When you decide to live a minimalist lifestyle, the decluttering is already “included in the price”. When you live this lifestyle you don’t even buy so much stuff. And you get rid of them much more quickly.

5. Final way to declutter is a way of your choice. There are so many ways to declutter and organize your life: one thing each day / 365 things; every weekend one donate bag; 30 bags in 30 days; 33 clothes for 3 months; 12 things donate 12 things throw away 12 things keep; have a permanent donate box at home,…


Keep in mind that every way of decluttering, no matter which, in won’t help if you don’t do it. In my opinion the best way is to do this regularly. I could not keep the rooms not sorted or organized for several years. That is so wasteful and not ecologic. Some things after so many years are not useful anymore. If you declutter often, then somebody else can enjoy the thing that you didn’t like. Like that, things are in rotation and this way is so much sustainable. Furthermore, we should all be aware of sustainability.

Also, there is a comparison: if the space is cluttered also the mind is and vice versa. Make sure that you have a clear mind. It is so much nice to live with a free mind!


Until next time, enjoy the last days of winter 😉

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