Dealing With Holiday Stress – Blogmas 13

Dealing with holiday stress could be very difficult sometimes.  Especially this time of the year. Here are my top 5 tips how to deal with holiday stress.

Holiday stress, Yes or No?

1.Firstly, if you are in a very very stressful situation or time period, keep yourself busy. I would load myself with a lots of work, to not think about problems all the time. Like that I get two things accomplished, I am not stressed every minute and the work is done.

2.Secondly, I would recommend to find a person, it could be stranger or a group. Who is the same minded as you are or in different words the person who is going through the same problems as you are. Like that you can support each other and completely understand each other.

3.The one thing that is free and you can do it any time, it is to clean :)Yes, that sounds a bit to much. But that helps me a lot. When I am stressed, I start cleaning my kitchen and bedroom. I feel much better in a super refreshed home. So, I would recommend that you pick a day that you are at home. And start from top to bottom decluttering old stuff and deep clean entire home. I promise you, you’ll be feeling much more better in an organized home.

Tips how to deal with stress:

4.Get some good sleep. The first three steps were an active one, but this one is not. Plan to get eight to nine hour sleep every day! When there are problems and emotions are bad, you will be more tired then usually. So you definitely need more resting.

5.No matter what the problem that you are facing is, you need to take care of your health!! Buy more fruit and veggies, cook and eat healthier options. Try to get three workouts per week, walking and running is free, put a YT workout video on and do the workout at home on rainy days. And a third way to to look for your health is to read personal growth books. They helped me a lot and I am sure, they will help you to. P.S.: No need to buy them, just go to the local library and borrow.

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