A Day in my Life – Planning the Future

How my daily life looks like. It depends or is it day in a week or day in a weekend. A day in my life is full of daily decisions, 7 to 8 hours at work and planning for building up my own business at home.

A day in my life – planning the future!

At my work I have three shifts, so it really depends when I get up in the morning. Usually when I get up I drink a bit of water and I eat my breakfast. I get ready and I go to work. I work in a caffe bar. We are serving sandwiches, daily soup and salads. I will be working there till the end of december.

When I get home, I eat lunch or dinner and get a shower. I follow plant based diet, because it gives me energy and health to follow my dreams.

At home I can do a lot of different things. I love writing content for my blog, I love walking in nature, I love to go cycling with my boyfriend, I love hiking hills and mountains.

I also like to learn how to make and edit you tube videos, I am just a beginner, but it’s a very fun job. And I have also a lot planned for future. Hence in my free time I plan and organize everything what needs to be done.

For now, my daily life is a little bit boring, but some things although they are boring, they need to be done.

In the future I would like to work from home and travel more. Most of all I would like to have my own business and a family.


To everyone of you, sometimes life is full of boring things to do, but at the same time. Behind every successful man or woman there are hours and hours of boring paper work and time in the office planning everything. As long as you write your dreams and goals down on paper. And try to do as much as you can do, with the things that you already have. Then don’t worry if some Sundays are spent behind computer and not outside having fun. You and you only are responsible for your decisions and how you want to live your life.

Be grateful, be honest, work hard on yourself!

Happy November!

You can read my latest post here.

Wishing you the best, Ester!

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