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Cocoa Chocolate – Tasty, Raw, Vegan, Nuts, Dry Fruits

Cocoa – Tasty, Raw, Vegan Chocolate


cocoa raw chocolate

COCOA presna čokolada se proizvaja iz BIO surovih nepraženih kakavovih zrn. Čokolado pripravljajo s posebnim postopkom, ki traja več kot 60 ur, pri temperaturi nižji od 45°C. Zaradi česar čokolada ohrani vse antioksidante, aminokisline, kot tudi vse pomembne makro in mikro elemente. Slajena je s kokosovim sladkorjem  (cvet). Posledično ima zelo nizek glikemični indeks (IG35). Čokolada je veganska, brez konzervansov, aditivov in arom. Ne vsebuje glutena, mleka, soje in rafiniranega sladkorja. Vse sestavine so iz certificiranega ekološkega kmetijstva.

cocoa raw chocolate

COCOA fresh chocolate is produced from BIO raw unroasted cocoa beans. Chocolate is prepared by a special process that lasts more than 60 hours at a temperature below 45 ° C. Which means that chocolate retains all antioxidants, amino acids, as well as all important macro and micro elements. Moreover, it is sweetened with coconut sugar (flower). As a result, it has a very low glycemic index (IG35). Furthermore, chocolate is vegan, free of preservatives, additives and flavors. It does not contain gluten, milk, soy and refined sugar. All ingredients are from certified organic farming.

This is the most delicious product of all the ones that I tried. Almonds in vegan milk chocolate. Suitable for plant based diet, vegan diet, raw diet and any other. This is an amazing alternative to unhealthy chocolates.

cocoa raw chocolate


cocoa raw chocolate

Raw Chocolate With Goji Berries

Secondly, goji berries are a great source of antioxidants. They improve the immune system. Thirdly, they are low in calories, fat free and full of fiber to help regulate digestion. Like other strawberries, goji berries are a great source of vitamin C. With the right fresh chocolate, they are a great combination.
Ingredients: raw cocoa beans *, coconut sugar (flower) *, cocoa butter *, goji berries * 5%, ground cocoa beans *, bourbon vanilla *, cocoa mass min. 65%.

cocoa raw chocolate

There is a selection of bitter chocolate and milk chocolate. Also we can choose between chocolate with nuts or chocolate with dry fruits.

Finally I would really recommend if you could try this chocolate out, cause its pretty amazing. But only if you like the taste of bitter chocolates.

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