My Christmas Wish List – Blogmas 5

My Christmas Wish List

What do I want for Christmas, that is the question;)

My thoughts and wishes are a little bit humble when it comes to Christmas Wish List. When I was little we never had a lot of money, so we didn’t wish for enormous quantity of gifts. One year we got new PJ’s, the next one new socks and so on. This habit stays with me still. Rarely I wish for something exciting. Maybe I can do this wish list in two parts. The list of the things that really matter to me and Christmas Wishes if anything would be possible.

What really matters to me:

Something that I am hoping for every year is health. In our family we had a lot of diseases, from obesity, osteoporosis, diabetes to cancer. So I am all about eating healthy, looking over my health. This is the most important thing for me and I wish for this every year. Another wish on my Christmas wish list is Love. Love can fix almost everything. Nothing more exciting and beautiful when I come home from a terrible day at work and see my boyfriend smile. Love is everything! One really big wish that we are working on really hard, is to own our own house. We are saving money and gathering all information about houses.

If anything would be possible:

Every girl or woman has a thing for cosmetics and I am no exception. If anything would be possible this Christmas I would go on a Christmas shopping;). There is more than one brand that I would like to try out. The first brand that I totally adore is L’Occitane.  Therefore I would really want to try their perfumes and natural oils. Another one that I am interested in is Madara Cosmetics. Trying their Organic Make Up is my Christmas wish.

From the fashion point of view there would be really exciting to shop in Ted Baker store. Love the knitwear, skirts, coats and home accessories. And one another is Will’s Vegan Store, they have the most beautiful Dock Boots and they are vegan, sustainable, ethical.

Currently my top food brands are Viridian Nutrition with all the healthy vegan food supplements.  Then Violife Foods with delicious vegan cheeses. Veganz has a big offer of vegan foods also.

If anything would be possible I would be spending some hard earned money in this stores;)

You can read my previous festive blog post here;)

Thank you so much for reading this blog post to the end. I have something really exciting for you coming soon on my website!

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